The World Trade Center, MAC Lab Staff, and That Ship You’ve Heard About

Have you been following the news stories about the buried remains of a ship discovered by AKRF archaeologists in New York City? A late 18th- or early 19th-century wooden ship was uncovered a couple of weeks ago during excavations at the site of the underground Vehicular Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility for the future World Trade Center. Well, RIGHT NOW (!), MAC Lab conservators are on site, in Manhattan, helping to carefully remove the ship timbers from their burial environment. JPPM and the MAC Lab are very pleased and proud to have been chosen to assist with this exciting project and, as the conservators report on their progress, we will keep you updated!

World Trade Center site, New York City, before work
begins for the day

MAC Lab conservator Nichole Doub
wrapping timbers

MAC Lab conservator Nancy Shippen keeping the timbers wet

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