Ship Remains From the World Trade Center Arrive at the MAC Lab!

Wooden ship parts from the World Trade Center site have begun arriving at the MAC Lab for cleaning and analysis. Hundreds of carefully wrapped packages containing the wood have been offloaded from their travel containers and taken into the Mac Lab by Lab and JPPM staff. Conservators unwrapped much of the wood and laid it out for cleaning while, in another area, bins were being built for soaking the timbers after they are cleaned of the mud and debris that still coats them. Analysis of the ship is being done by AKRF, the firm that discovered the ship in New York, and AKRF’s archaeologists are currently at the MAC Lab continuing their documentation of the remains by measuring, drawing, and photographing each timber of the ship.

Lab staff unloading wrapped timbers from travel containers

Carefully placing unwrapped timbers on a tarp for cleaning

A portion of the unwrapped timbers ready and waiting

The 500+ lb apron of the ship being lifted by a crane

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