April is Maryland Archeology Month

Be on the lookout for archaeology events this month! Throughout Maryland, opportunities to attend lectures and exhibits, take part in hands-on activities and workshops, participate in children’s activities, and see excavations will be offered as Maryland celebrates Archeology Month!

Bring the kids

Visit an excavation

Check out an exhibit

Screw-piles in Conservation

Two screw-piles from the Drum Point Lighthouse have just arrived at the MAC Lab for conservation treatment. Screw-pile lighthouses were built on pilings that have been screwed into soft river or sea beds (the “screw-pile” is the piling itself with an auger, or drill bit, attached to the end). This type of construction allowed specifically for the yielding bed of the Chesapeake Bay, and screw-pile lighthouses became widespread in the Chesapeake region. Construction of the Drum Point Lighthouse began in 1883 and workers finished screwing the pilings into place in less than three days – the entire structure was completed in less than 19 days! The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1962 and it was moved from Drum Point, at the mouth of the Patuxent River, to the Calvert Marine Museum in 1975 where the admission fee for the museum includes a tour of the lighthouse. Drum Point Lighthouse is one of only three surviving Chesapeake Bay screw-pile lighthouses.

Conservators use the crane to bring the auger portion of
one of the screw-piles into the MAC Lab.

Drum Point Lighthouse in 1915.

Get Ready for Children’s Day at JPPM!

The 1st Sunday of June every year, we invite you to enjoy Children’s Day at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum. Activities include demonstrations and hands-on fun along with live entertainment, pony rides, games, food, and even an antique tractor parade. Stop by the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, Public Archaeology site, and Indian Village for even more to see and learn! See you there!

Drilling the prehistoric way at the Indian Village.

See artifact conservation at the MAC Lab.

Play with a friend

Explore the MAC Lab this Summer

When the weather gets hot, come on in and cool off! The summer is a great time to tour the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, a treatment and research lab that curates 8 MILLION artifacts in its collections. Bring the kids and out of town guests for a guided tour that takes you behind the scenes of Maryland’s 38,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility for the preservation and study of both land-based and underwater archaeology projects. Speak with archaeologists and see conservators and curators in action. Want to hold a 9,000 year old artifact? Or maybe you’d like to see an artifact that weighs 15,000 lbs? This is your chance!

Tours of the Lab are available year round by reservation – any age and size group welcome! E-mail kconcannon@mdp.state.md.us for more information or to make a reservation!

Handling Colonial artifacts

Projectile point dated to 7500 bc – 6000 bc

Detail from a cannon

New “Back to Back Tours” at JPPM

Cold? Would you like to come inside where it’s warm and learn a bit of history? JPPM is currently in its off-season (the Park and all its activities will re-open on April 16th of this year) but, we are offering special combination tours of the Patterson House and the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory all year round on the 1st Wednesday of every month – AND you can enjoy these 2 guided tours for the price of 1 ! Now that you are finished caroling and cutting down that tree, come on inside and learn about history and science at JPPM. The fee is $10/person ($8/Seniors, Age 55+). Reservations are required. Please call 410.586.8501 or email jppm@mdp.state.md.us

The Patterson Estate, country home and retreat

Visitors on a tour of the MAC Lab