Complete Vessels Emerge from Fragments at Huntingtown High School

This week’s blog is an update on our project with Huntingtown High School’s Introduction to Historical Investigations class. If you read the earlier blog entry (December 10, 2012), you might remember that the students are analyzing the household garbage discarded in a Baltimore privy (aka outhouse) during the mid-19th century. Continue reading

Kids’ Work

What do making ice cream, doing laundry and playing marbles have in common? They are all part of an exciting new program for fourth graders, created by and being run by JPPM docents, under the guidance of Education Director Kim Popetz. Entitled “Kids’ Work”, this program takes a look at what life was like for African American children growing up in post-Civil War Calvert County. Continue reading

Poolesville HS Students Return

Each year, students from the Poolesville Magnet High School in Montgomery County come to JPPM to experience archaeology first-hand, and we are always happy to see these bright, inquisitive kids! This year, they helped to excavate at the Smith’s St. Leonard Site, toured the MAC Lab, and visited our FAQ exhibit in the Visitor Center to learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about archaeology. They also had the opportunity to speak with professional archaeologists, curators, and conservators here at the Park to learn about what we do and how we do it. We enjoyed showing them the ropes and look forward to their next visit!

On a tour of the MAC Lab

In the field