Conservation Mold-Making Tutorial

Recently, conservation staff participated in a mold-making tutorial at the MAC Lab. Conservators, curators, and interns all worked together to learn (or improve their ability) to create molds of archaeological objects. The techniques of molding and casting can be used to replicate objects for exhibit or study and casting is also used when an artifact itself cannot be treated. For example, when a metal object has become so corroded that only encrustation (but no actual metal) remains, the encrustation forms a mold of the previously tangible artifact and, by casting this mold, surface details of the artifact can be preserved. In the tutorial, lab staff used dental wax to make the molds of their objects and plaster to fill them. They practiced making one-sided molds, removable fill molds, and two-sided molds.

Airiel (conservation intern) and Cait (conservator) create molds out of dental wax.

Erin (curator) mixes plaster.