JPPM Blog Takes a New Direction

For the past four years, Jefferson Patterson Park in Museum has hosted a blog entitled “Dirty Little Secrets.” We have enjoyed bringing you news of happenings at the park, about artifacts in the MAC Lab collections and about objects that have come here for conservation. But starting next week, our blog will take a new and exciting direction. Its focus will be on archaeological artifacts and how they help reveal the larger stories of Maryland’s past. Most of the artifacts highlighted will be from the collections of the Maryland Historical Trust, but upon occasion we will feature guest bloggers writing about artifacts curated at other institutions. Because the blog’s focus is changing, we are also changing its name to “Maryland History by the Object.”

The new blog will be located at the same URL in the same location on the park’s homepage. Its primary author will be Patricia Samford, Director of the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Lab and a regular contributor to the previous blog.

You can still catch up with happenings at the park on our website: and on our two Facebook pages: one for Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum and the other for the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory. And of course all those marvelous “Dirty Little Secrets” blogs from the past four years are archived and will still be available for you to read and enjoy at this same URL.

One thought on “JPPM Blog Takes a New Direction

  1. I am so Proud to be a Docent at JPPM..Last summer I showed people around the Exhibit Barn..Then I was promoted to the Visitor Center and Museum! I hope to Photograph interesting things an post them on my FB page..It’s nice to be retired..ande giving you my time! I would like to do a little “digging ” this Summer with the MAC lab..Thanks!!

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