Recent Staff Publications

The MAC Lab staff is always busy researching and composing manuscripts for publication and, recently, several works have made their way into the public eye. Articles by MAC Lab Director, Patricia Samford, include “Giving Voice to a Silent Past: African American Archaeology in Coastal North Carolina” published in The Archaeology of North Carolina: Three Archaeological Symposia, “Naturalist, Explorer, and Town Father—John Lawson and Bath”, co-authored with Eva C. Latham, published in North Carolina Historical Review, and “Subfloor Pits” published in World of a Slave; Encyclopedia of the Material Life of Slaves in the United States. Deputy Director Ed Chaney co-authored an article with Julie King entitled “Passing for Black in Seventeenth-Century Maryland”, published in Interpreting the Modern World: Transatlantic Perspectives. And Federal Curator Sara Rivers Cofield’s chapter, “French Refugees and Slave Abuse in Frederick County, Maryland: Jean Payen de Boisneuf and the Vincendiere Family at L’Hermitage Plantation”, was published in French Colonial Archaeology in the Southeast and Caribbean. Sara has also just submitted “A Guide to Spurs of the Mid-Atlantic Region ca. 1635-1820” to the journal, Northeast Historical Archaeology. Congratulations to our staff authors on their most recent publications!


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