What is it and What Does it Mean?

Recently, the MAC Lab hosted a workshop to help answer that very question. Archaeologists, educators, interpreters, and docents gathered to hear “Archaeology FAQ” with Ed Chaney, Deputy Director of the MAC Lab and “Putting it in Practice,” with JPPM educator Kim Popetz, before being treated to several small group sessions; “Colonial Bling” with Sara Rivers Cofield, MAC Lab Federal Curator, “The Meaning of Fun” with assistant professor of History at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Kenneth Cohen, and “A Cigar is just a Cigar…or is It? – Determining Meanings from Artifacts” with Patricia Samford, Director of the MAC Lab. Participants were invited to examine many interesting examples from the more than 8 million artifacts curated at the MAC Lab and to add to their knowledge of the Historical Chesapeake’s material culture.

Sara Rivers Cofield discussing “Colonial Bling”

Kenneth Cohen explores “The Meaning of Fun”

*This workshop was sponsored by Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, Maryland Association of History Museums, Historic London Town and Gardens, Southern Maryland Museum Association, and the Archeological Society of Maryland.

**Many thanks to Rod Cofield, Director of Interpretation and Museum Programs at Historic London Town and Gardens, for coordinating this engaging workshop!


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