Maryland Archeology Month 2011

April is Archeology Month and a great opportunity to take advantage of archaeology related activities all over Maryland. From Allegany to St. Mary’s Counties and all along the eastern shore, there will be lectures, exhibits, events, hands-on experiences, workshops, children’s activities, and excavations to demonstrate efforts to explore and protect Maryland’s heritage. We hope you enjoy them all! This year, Mount Calvert Historical and Archaeological Park is partnering with the Maryland Historical Trust and The Archeological Society of Maryland in creating a poster for Maryland Archeology Month and the MAC Lab has the honor of having quite a few artifacts from our collections appear on the new poster.

Here are just a couple of those MAC Lab artifacts:

Steatite effigy pendant from Dorchester County

Steatite effigy face from Frederick County

Turks Head pipe bowl from Baltimore City.

Pistol Butt Cap face decoration from Charles County.

*Go to The Archeology Society of Maryland’s webpage to see the 2011 poster and for the MAM events schedule.

*Go to April 2011 Curator’s Choice for more information on the effigies.

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