Saunders Point Artifacts in Conservation

Several interesting objects from the Saunders Point site in Anne Arundel County are currently being treated by conservators at the MAC Lab. Located on the South River, Saunders Point is the site of the occupation of Robert Saunders and his family. After the discovery of a cellar feature by the property’s modern day owners (right where they wanted to put their pool), excavation by professional archaeologists began. The artifacts recovered from the 15’ by 18’, 3’ deep cellar feature date the site to the mid 18th century. In the treatment lab, tannic acid is being applied to the iron artifacts from Saunders Point in order to inhibit corrosion of the metal and to form a protective surface on the objects.

Partial horseshoe, complete horseshoe, and joined iron
links which are always a challenge for conservators

Part of a horse’s bridle

*Want to learn about ANOTHER REALLY COOL Saunders Point artifact? Check out our January 2010 Curator’s Choice.

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