Oxon Hill Report Now on JPPM Website

Oxon Hill Manor, historically known as Addison Plantation, was considered to be on the frontier of European settlement in 1689 when owner John Addison, a merchant and planter, lived there. A large amount of archaeological investigation has gone into the Oxon Hill site over the years and a huge amount of artifacts have been brought out – including artifacts from a well where preservation was so remarkable that several very interesting organic objects were recovered. The artifacts from the well include parts of a leather saddle and leather shoes, a wooden barrel lid and handle, and even grass clippings! You can read about Oxon Hill Manor online and you can also make arrangements to visit the MAC Lab to see many of the artifacts from the well on display!

Saddle from Oxon Hill Manor/Addison Plantation

Go to Oxon Hill Manor Report on our website.

Email kconcannon@mdp.state.md.us to schedule a tour.


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