Happenings at the Public Archaeology Site

Archaeologists and volunteers are still hard at work excavating the remains of the Smith’s St. Leonard plantation site owned by Richard Smith, Jr. in the 18th century. The focus of excavations this year includes a detached kitchen with an H-shaped double sided hearth and a chimney. A couple of very interesting artifacts that have been recovered from this area are a pierced silver coin** and a “goose neck” gun cock with the flint still in place! Three post holes that are 10′ apart were discovered on the east side of the excavation area, indicating that at least one wall of this kitchen was 20′ long. Archaeologists will continue looking along the south end of the kitchen area for more post holes and we’ll keep you updated!

**want to know the significance of a pierced silver coin? Check out the new Curator’s Choice for this month! Click here

Staff archaeologists mapping the chimney foundation

pierced coin

gun cock with flint


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