Maryland Archeology Month 2010

Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum (JPPM), State Museum of Archaeology, is proud to be partnering with The Maryland Historical Trust and The Archeological Society of Maryland in Maryland Archeology Month (MAM) 2010. The theme chosen for this year, “From Shovel to Showcase”, focuses on four aspects of the archeological process; Discovery, Preservation, Stewardship, and Education, which are all represented in the programs and activities offered at JPPM. MAC Lab staff created the MAM poster this year and authored the articles for the MAM informational booklet that will be available at Archeology Month events throughout the month of April. We hope that MAM 2010 will raise awareness of the effort to explore, protect and share Maryland’s heritage and we hope that you will enjoy all of the archaeology related activities offered in this month!

Go to The Archeological Society of Maryland’s webpage for information about Maryland Archeology Month activities for April.

MAM Poster created by MAC Lab staff

*Ever see an archaeological cartoon? Our very own MAC Lab conservator and artist, Nancy Shippen, created a series of cartoons for the MAM booklet – pick one up and check it out!