Smith’s St. Leonard Site Update – More From the Midden

MORE interesting objects, in the form of two cuff links, were found by archaeologists while they were excavating a layer from the unplowed midden at the Smith’s St. Leonard site and screening the soil through 1/4″ mesh. The midden is located inside the borders of a building suspected to be an 18th – century stable located north of the slave quarter area on the plantation site. In an effort to recover any really small artifacts, fish bones, seeds, etc. that might also be in the midden, archaeologists also waterscreened the soil through window screen mesh. In fact, another jewelry/ornament fragment (missing its decorative inlay) was found in the field during excavations and its green glass inlay was found later during water screening!

On the right, the two cufflinks recovered from the Smith’s St. Leonard site.
On the left is a similar cufflink from the MAC Lab collections.

Interested? Go to our Diagnostic Artifacts in Maryland webpage at to learn more about Sleeve Buttons, Cufflinks, and Studs.


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