Smith’s St. Leonard Site Update – Chafing Dish Redux

Years ago, archaeologists found the base of an 18th century brass chafing dish at the Smith’s St. Leonard site. This chafing dish was the subject of our July 2009 Curator’s Choice. At the time the Curator’s Choice was written, no other parts of the chafing dish had been found. That changed last week! Archaeologists uncovered the chafing dish lid during their work in the central area of the slave quarter where a midden (fancy word for “trash heap”) has been discovered. The midden has also been the source of oyster shell, bone, several complete tobacco pipe bowls, a piece of ornate wine glass, a pig’s jaw, a stirrup, an iron hook, part of a spur, and a piece of a tankard that is still in the ground. We may have to start “What’s New in the Midden” updates! Three interesting facts about the chafing dish; 1). The parts were recovered 7 years apart. 2). The lid was found about 100 feet away from the base. 3). We screwed the lid into the base and it still fits!

Chafing dish lid being excavated last week


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