Not Just Any Window Glass

Recently, MAC Lab collections staff came across some very interesting pieces of window glass while rehousing the collection of artifacts from Saunders Point, a plantation site south of Annapolis owned by the prominent Saunders family. In a pit feature (possibly a cellar hole) that was dated to approximately 1750, archaeologists found lots of goodies including bone, brick, ceramics, farm tools, a sword hilt, a pair of scissors, and three pieces of window glass etched with the name “Rachel Ridgely”. References to names being etched into window glass can be found in the historical record (while imprisoned in the Tower, Lady Jane Grey did some engraving herself) and there is evidence that jewelers even designed “writing rings” with raised diamonds to write on glass. Although there appears to be very little information about Ms. Ridgely, the collections staff is still researching and we’ll be sure to update you when we discover anything new!



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